Weather Coverage

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Inclement Weather Coverage

$4 per person per round for Inclement weather insurance. All playing members of the group must opt for this coverage for all rounds of golf. Must be purchased prior to final payment of your golf package in order for coverage to be valid. Once the group has opted for coverage, it is non-cancellable.

In order to qualify for a refund, the course has to be deemed CLOSED and not accept ANY play for the date you are scheduled to play. The decision to close the golf course is very infrequent and completely up to the golf course. Golf Trek has no control over the golf course’s decision. The golf course is not a party to the insurance being offered. Often times it may be raining, but the golf course is still open for play. In this scenario, the golf course, at its option, typically issues rainchecks. This occurs when it’s raining, but the course is still in a condition where it’s playable. If the course is not closed but is issuing rain checks a refund for the inclement weather insurance does not apply.

In order to receive the refund due to golf course closure, we will need the voucher signed by a representative of the golf course and mailed back to Golf Trek such that we can verify and process the refund. No exceptions.